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As one of the last mass mediums, outdoor will get you noticed!

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Why use outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising disrupts, not interrupts.

As one of the last mass mediums, outdoor remains a primary channel for delivering targeted advertising straight to consumers. Outdoor advertising disrupts, not interrupts, with sophisticated measurement and insights you can be sure your campaign will be effective and accountable. As a high profile, large format medium outdoor advertising provides unparalleled scale. We know that the right campaign in the right locations can offer interest and engagement that cannot be achieved through other less targeted channels.

At iSite, we use Business Intelligence, insights and our own expertise to develop outdoor campaigns that are impactful, focused and measurable. That's why iSite Media has the largest share of outdoor spend in NZ and our media consistently punches above its weight in terms of market share. 

Fast Facts

Mass medium*

In the last 7 days 52% of New Zealanders have seen a bus ad, 51% have also seen a billboard and 29% have reported seeing an airport ad.

reach on the path to purchase*

In the last 7 days 53% of weekly household shoppers have seen a bus ad, 52% have seen a billboard and 30% have reported seeing an airport ad.

Brand Building* 

In the last 7 days 54% of those who are likely to buy branded goods have seen a bus ad, 53% have seen a billboard and 39% have reported seeing an airport ad.  

*source AC Nielsen. 


Using our business intelligence product we can tell you: 

  • If you live in Central Wellington you are 134% more likely to earn over $50,000pa
  • You are 31% more likely to own your own home if you live in Christchurch than if you live in Wellington or Auckland
  • If you live in West Auckland you spend 54% more on alcohol than the average New Zealander (naughty!)