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Billboard Audience

Reach and Frequency for billboards

There are thousands of billboards in New Zealand. How do you choose the right billboard or collection of sites that will be seen by your target audience? Reach and Frequency for billboards lets you know the number of people who can see your campaign and how frequently.

For example if your target audience are 15 - 34yrs olds or those who spend the most on fashion we will tell you the best sites to use, the options are endless. Reach and Frequency can save you money and make your campaign more effective.

How do we do this?

We have built a planning tool that utilised New Zealand's most sophisticated traffic map. Over 290,000,000 data points have been used to create it. It also draws on census data and card transactions.

At the touch of a button we can map your billboard campaign using state of the art technology add over 30,000 business locations or landmarks. We can help you make the best decisions in regards to the locations of your billboards either close to your stores (or your competitors).

If you would like to know more contact our Insight team, they can help you plan or just answer questions. They love a quiz.